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T.K. Taekwondo 1st Inner Championship

There are a number of benefits for students to compete:

-Builds confidence

-Promotes the desire to work harder

-Helps confront and overcome fear

-Sharpens skills and techniques

-Learn from other competitors

 Throughout the year, we participate in several regional tournaments. There are students who are not able to compete due to time, cost, or lack of experience. T.K. Taekwondo decided to take part in our inner-championship addresses these issues. Most tournaments require an all-day commitment, ranging from 8 to 10 hours, majority of the time spent waiting to compete or for the results. We will divide the group according to ages and belts so that we will be able to manage the time better. Within the competitors’ division time, they will compete and be awarded for both events. An average tournament cost is $120 per competitor with an additional entrance fee for each spectator. On the other hand, $75 will cover the cost for the 2 events, 1 medal, and 1 trophy for each participant. There will be no entrance fee. T.K. Taekwondo is starting this inner-championship to help our beginner students who don’t have any competition experience, to gain experience on a smaller scale and prepare them for a bigger stage one day. The younger the child, even as a white belt, is when you want to start this experience.

Lastly, this is a friendly tournament with a goal to have fun and motivate our students. All students, in every level is encouraged to participate and every participant comes out a winner. All competitors will be awarded a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal and a trophy.

If you have any additional questions, please come to the front desk, or give us a call. We will have a sign-up sheet, for all interested.

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